Frequently Asked Questions

General information about shopping with E2Pay


Is my order through E2Pay Secure?  (top)
Yes, we use all the latest protection to make sure that your credit card and information submitted and stored with us is secure. However, we can't protect your card details from possible viruses and keyloggers installed on your computer. If you suspect your computer might be infected by a virus or just want to minimize the risk of it completely then you might want to submit your credit card details by phone or fax to us!

Why do i order from E2Pay and not the vendors site directly?  (top)
Building and maintaining your own secure and dependable e-commerce service platform is quite costly to develop and run. For most small to medium sized businesses it is more economical to outsource the payment process to services like us. We act as a reseller for the vendor and allow customers like you to place secure orders. Sensitive data like for example your credit card details will never be forwarded to the vendor.