Frequently Asked Questions

General information about E2Pay, the web application, and general account settings

Order Process / Customer Issues

Information about the order process itself, sales tax, VAT, and other order/customer related issues.


Issues related to regular order forms, html templates, email templates, etc.

Affiliates (For Vendors)

Issues related to using Affiliates as a sales channel.


Is E2Pay a payment processor?  (top)
No, strictly seen we are a retailer - we are the merchant on record for all your sales. We sell the products for you and our e-commerce backbone adds so much more features and benefits than what you get by using a simple payment processor.

I want to offer my products through E2Pay, what now?  (top)
All you need to do is open an account by clicking here, once you fill out the short form you will gain access to our control panel in which you can define the particulars of your product(s), once you do that, you will be shown a link that you can place on your website to start selling.

How soon can I start selling my products?  (top)
You can start selling as soon as your setup is ready, once you have your products with their order pages, and email templates set up you are basically ready to go.

Depending on your type of product/delivery, you may need to set up a few other things, see the BuyNow FAQ for more information.

Can E2Pay provide hosting for my files?  (top)
We provide hosting and offer secure downloads for retail versions only, for every sale a secure download can be offered to your customers, this download link expires a few days after the order is completed.

How much does it cost to join?  (top)
Nothing! There are no upfront or setup fees to join E2Pay, we only charge a small sales commission on your E2Pay-generated sales. (See Fee Schedule)

When do I receive my money?  (top)
On the 15th of every month you will receive a Monthly Payment Notification report for the previous month which includes the amount you have earned for that month. Your money will be sent on that same day depending on your selected Method of Payment, either Check, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer, PayPal or the E2Pay pre-paid MasterCard.

How can I receive my money?  (top)
You can receive it via Wire transfer, Check , PayPal, Direct Deposit (for US Bank Accounts Only) or the E2Pay pre-paid MasterCard.

Does E2Pay support the ability to charge for subscriptions/recurring charges?  (top)
Yes, products can be set up to automatically bill the customer based on a pre-selected payment frequency, for example, monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.
There are 2 ways of doing this, we can charge for the first period up-front and then continue the billing, or we can first only authorize a card and only start billing on the second period.

Can E2Pay sell Adult material or Gambling products?  (top)
No, we do not accept any form or Adult material. We also do not accept Gambling products except for Books regarding the subject.

Order Process/Customer Issues

Sales Tax  (top)
Our relationship is that of a reseller, we buy the products from you and sell them to the end users, this means that we have to collect CA sales tax from all customers in CA when buying a non-electronic only product. You do not need to collect any sales tax, we do it when needed and we pay it to the authorities.

VAT  (top)
We collect VAT from EU consumers who do not have a valid VAT ID for electronically delivered products. We collect this VAT and pay it to the authorities, you do not need to do anything special for this to happen.


Can you send licenses on every order?  (top)
Yes we can, this is set up using the License Keys link while on a contract.

We can send licenses from a pre-loaded existing list (set up in the License Management section on the MyAccount page), or we can create custom licenses by calling your custom key generator either on your own website (using the Custom HTTP option), or we can host your generator on our servers.

We can also send Armadillo licenses.

Once the licenses are properly set up, make sure you add the LICENSE_KEYS tag to your Email template to ensure they are sent to your customers.

Can I customize my Order Page?  (top)
Not only can you do it but we strongly suggest you do, professional looking custom pages sell better.

To customize your order page all you need to do is click on the Order Page link while on the contract section, use regular HTML to create a template for your order page.

You can specify different pieces of HTML code to appear at different stages of the order process, more information can be found on the page itself.

Can I create/modify the content of the email that is sent to my customers?  (top)
Yes you can, simply click on the Order Email link while on the contract section, there you can select previously created email templates, or you can create a new one, you can use any of the available tags to substitute for real order values, like First Name, License Key, etc.


How do I sign up new affiliates?  (top)
From your administration panel you can send out an invitation request directly to your affiliate. All you need to do is to give us his email address and assign him the correct pricing.

What does the "Notify Affiliate Every Order" flag mean?  (top)
If this flag is checked, the affiliate that generates the sale is cc'ed to the notification email we send you after each succesful order.

What is the "Send Emails From Affiliate" flag means?  (top)
After each successful order we send a confirmation email to your customer (using the template you design and the email address you specified in the template).
If the "Send Emails From Affiliate" is checked, we will send it using the affiliate sales email address (from and reply to) instead of yours.

How is the affiliate commission calculated?  (top)
The affiliate commission is calculated based on the product price regardless of E2Pay' commission.

If your product costs $10 and we assume a 10% commission as example and you pay your affiliates 30%:
Your share 60% = $6
Affiliate share 30% = $3
e2Pay Commission 10% = $1